How to take care of your mental health?

In today’s world we constantly feel stress and anxiety, which prevents us from taking care of our mental health. Almost every day we feel blockages that cause the decrease of motivation to perform certain activities and make our self-being fall immediately. We lose energy to daily duties, our concentration abilities fall and we are not able to cope with the situation. How to take care of our mental health in order to feel the difference and notice the effects? That is the question! Experts from WHO, i.e. World Health Organization, determine mental health as „comprehensive mental, physical and social comfort of each person”. Therefore, each of us needs a subjective sense of happiness and also a moment of relaxation which is so important to our brain’s work.

Fast pace of life, continuous stress and dealing with incremental tension are certain dangers to our mental health. Everyone faces these dangers individually, but we need to remember that stress, constant rush and perpetual fatigue may be the reasons for many serious diseases and may distort our life efficiency. First of all, the basis of an effective action is also the ability to rest. It is enough during a day to make a short break from daily duties in order to gain energy to act and regenerate out organism. If you feel an excess of duties – it is worth to make a distinction between them according to certain activity categories and plan the chores according to specific hours in order to better organize your time and overcome tension and stress.